Are you personate about building solutions that help solve everyday problems, are you curious about how technology can help power human and business life? Do you think you have the mental discipline, creative mind and are interested in getting into the IT industry? Here is your chance to learn from some of the best industry experts. ModusLights Technologies DevSense Bootcamp is a fully hands-on Software development training. We train you on the fundamentals of software development, troubleshooting, bug fixes, and everything you need to be a Software Developer. The boot camp comprises of the following part - Front-end, backend, and full-stack

ServiceNow Developer

In 2018 ServiceNow was named the most innovate company by Forbes. More recently ServiceNow was named a Leader in Enterprise Service Management by Forrester as recent as Dec 2021. This and many more are testaments to the power of the ServiceNow platform and why you should learn this awesome technology. Our ServiceNow Boot camp takes you through the basics of the ServiceNow platform, all the way , to providing you with the required knowledge and skills required to be able to develop, integrate, support and manage enterprise-level solutions on the ServiceNow platform. This boot camp comprises of the following paths: ServiceNow Platform - Administration, Development, Scripting, Integration, and Architecture.

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